Light and Shadow

Experimenting with light and shadow for FOREST project by working with the leaves, weather and natural lighting. These works cross the boundary between physical and non-physical dimension; the interaction between the non-physical light and physical object, the connection of natural processes such as weathering and light and shadow.

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Projects, Activities & Events

Royal College of Art Exchange

I’m currently still working on the Forest of  Nausicaa project. The focus is on the resilience of nature; trees absorbed the toxic from the pollution in it surrounding environment, instead of dying out, it adapt to the harsh environment and continue to reproduce and survive. Forcing the leaves to form a conical shape, resembling a vessel to depict the process of mutation, a result caused by pollutions. In many mythologies and religions, the vessels represent cup which symbolises new life or rebirth; the vessel-like leaves are the fruits produce by the mutated trees.

The Royal College of Art exchange involves taking part in their seminars, exhibiting our work and a critiques session at the end.

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