CO2 Project Space


The SHOP is a collaborative project by all postgraduate art students. This require all students’ participation from organising, making, installing and selling. The topic is “poker card”, each student will redesign the poker card and displaying it in suits. The money earned will go into our program funding; use for exhibitions and events.

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My design for 5 clubs.

Stephanie’s 8 Diamond

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FOREST, Outdoor Video works.

The winter arrived, the trees are now totally bared, showing how the process of nature have affected them. The empty branches looks inviting, just like a blank canvas waiting to be work on. When the wind blew on them, the leaves synchronize with it’s rhythm. like a ritual ceremony is being carried out. The harmonization with the sunlight, rain and wind, allows the work to look realistic yet dreamy, creating the boundary line between two different dimensions; real and fantasy.


Forest of Nausicaa II copyIMG_2183 copy IMG_2271 copy IMG_2325 copy




2D Space, Forest

“The Last Leaf”

This story, “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry was deeply engraved in my memory since childhood. The Power of The Mind is a creative power that can make changes to our life. #artistleecaijun #forestseries

Title: FOREST Illustration #02

Medium: Pen and Leaf

Dimension: H296 x W27mm

Year: December 2011