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FAIR: Ghent Directive

The ECA Fair is an event with postgraduate students from Royal College of Art, Saint Lucas Beeldende Kunst, Ghent and Sheffield Institute of Arts. I’m in the Ruth Pelzer’s group, together with Kirsty, Charlie, Russell, Fintan, Page, Sam, Phil, Stephanie and Christine. We are doing the Ghent Directives which we will make work based on the 3 rules predetermined by Ghent Students.

The rules are…

IMG_3422 copy

We had a few ideas and decided to use Page’s balloon and helium gas to make a floating piece of work. A 8 feet red helium balloon will carry a black bucket filled with oil. The colours used in this work is based on Belgium flag.

We had a hard time estimating the right amount of oil (use as weight) to let the balloon suspends in the mid air. The fluctuating temperature of the space has posed further difficulty in harmonizing with the helium gas to maintain a fix gravity atmosphere between them.  There is also a risk of having the balloon triggering  the ceiling fire alarm and a fine will be impose on us. Reluctantly, we have to attach a string to provide it floating too high up.

IMG_1349 copyIMG_3419 copyIMG_3458 copyIMG_3465 copyIMG_3470 copyIMG_3495 copyIMG_3504 copyphoto24 copy

Photographs ©Lee Cai Jun