CO2 Project Space

yì kè zài yì xiāng

CO2 Project Space- yì kè zài yì xiāng

Week 7 is our group turn to do a small show in the CO2 space. Georgia Murray, Niall Webb and Lee Cai Jun decided to work with video, sound and painting on the theme  language. We titled the show as 异客在异乡, yì kè zài yì xiāng, meaning stranger in the foreign land.

Medium: Sound, video and paint

Dimension: H900 x L750 x W 625cm

Year: March 2012


How does one feel like when being in a foreign country? This installation portrays the barrier, awkwardness, struggle, uncertainties, confusion and sense of humour between different languages; in another words, “lost in translation”.

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Artworks & photographs ©Lee Cai Jun