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Interpreter Job at Edinburgh

Recently took up a voluntary job as an interpreter for two Chinese artists from Shanghai: Xieda Wang and Chu Yun Liu. They are both represented by James Cohan Gallery (Shanghai Branch) and have come to Scotland to participate in the Steep Trail project—which is part of an exchange programme between Scotland and China and involves Polarcap, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Fife Contemporary Arts & Crafts. My job consists of attending openings and other events together with the artists and interpreting for them.

This is a rare opportunity to meet people working in galleries, curators, artists and prominent people from the Council. So far I’ve been learning about managing exchange projects, socialisation and how an artist should prepares for different events. I’m very fortunate to receive personal tutorials from the artists themselves and having them in our group critique session at Edinburgh College of Art.

These are some of the events I’m taking part of:

  • 20 June, Wednesday: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Informal Launch Opening
  • 22 June, Friday: Ingleby Gallery, Callum Innes Event and David Austen’s video at Burn Monument
  • 28 June, Thursday: Visit to Edinburgh College of Art, meeting Principal, Head of Art and Head of Painting
  • Official Opening at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
  • 30 June, Saturday: Traquair House Opening, Reflective Histories: Contemporary interventions
  • 1 July, Sunday: Visit John Muir Birth place, Dunbar and Polarcap Studio
  • 10 July, Tuesday: Visit St Andrews Museum, John Samuel Peploe and meet Diana Sykes of Fife Contemporary Art and Craft

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