Exhibitions, Sky Island

RESONANCE, Postgraduate Master Degree Show, 2012

Resonance is the symbolic echo describing the impact of an initial stimulation within a given context. Space, memory, the process and the voice become more apparent with more and more artists searching the void between objectivity and non-existence. As a heterogeneous framework ‘Resonance’ comprises the reflection and interpretation of objects, narratives and instances questioning the spheres of time and space.

Venue: Room C19, Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9DF

Theory Students: Aimee Webb, Elena Dolcini, Lia Marie Hillers

Studio Students: Cai Jun Lee, Charlotte Kiernan

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Title: Sky Portal

Medium: Mixed Media Installation

Dimension: H8000 x W8000 x D4500mm

Year: Aug 2012

Artworks & photographs ©Lee Cai Jun