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Sky Island, a solo showcase at The French Bookshop

Solo showcase at The French Bookshop from 4 July – 30 July 2014.

Sky Island is a fantastical place based on collections of mythology, fairy tale, folklore and fantasy stories that record the existence of the legendary heaven realm. I adapt symbolical imagery and motif from these stories, revised and fused with modern pop cultures. It provides a quest-like adventure to uncover this legendary place through a series of illustrations, sculptures, photographs and installations. It provokes different intentions, forms and functions to enhance the psychological state of the mind to dream of other possibilities in this realistic and structured world.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/485592928238121/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

The French Bookshop: https://www.facebook.com/frenchbookshop.singapore

Special thanks to The French Bookshop for providing this cozy narrative space.


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Title: Sky Tower

Medium: Acrylic

Dimension: H650  x W810mm

Year: March 2013

Description:  Sky Tower, a re-adaptation and revision of the Tower of Babel, one of the gateway connecting to the heavenly realm. I had adapted the biblical story and revised it  into a game composition. The game starts upon entering the Sky Tower, one has to go through the maze-like rooms and ascend higher and higher till they reach Sky Island.  Using the comic strips layout and game structure, it unfolds the stages that one needs to clear before proceeding to the next level, the various “skies” rooms aim to mislead the challenger from accomplishing the quest.

Title: Sky Island #10

Medium: Acrylic

Dimension: H605  x W800mm

Year: Sept 2013

Description: Jacob’s Ladder, a perennial ancient iconic symbol known as a ladder to Heaven. There are numerous allegorical interpretations of the ladder written across various cultures and religions. The ladder is a symbol seen as a reality object that bridge the gap between Heaven(spiritual fantasy) and Earth(reality). Over the millennium, it has imbedded in our subconscious as a dual paradigm of spiritual ascension; an idea of human perfectibility, and at the same thing descending back to one’s deep roots.

Sky Island #010, provides a game quest route to the legendary Sky Island. Pertaining to the iconic ladder, this particular quest is constantly crossing the boundary between real and fiction, it poses difficulties and confusions forcing one to question and reflect their inner conscious before reaching the goal. To move on or to look back or to drown within one’s imaginary world will solely depend on individual.

Title: Sky Island #02

Mediums: Mixed Media

Dimension: H 750 x W1100 x D600mm / H550 x W380mm (Photo)

Year: July 2012

Title: Sky Island #04

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: H350 x W350  x D350mm/ H350 x W500mm (Photo)

Year: July 2012

Title: Sky Island #06

Medium: Plaster

Dimension: H100 x W550 x W 300mm / H330 x W500mm (Photo)

Year: July 2012

Artworks & photographs ©Lee Cai Jun