Materiality: The Medium and the Message

4th March – 30th March 2015

Artists throughout history have established the fundamental communication between the viewers through the aesthetic experience convey by the art works’ materiality. Materiality is a relic of the artist’s process of investigation into the nature of things, via objects’ materiality and artists’ work to reframe meaning through aesthetic juxtaposition. Just as art form is a nexus between imagination and reality, materiality is how art’s material qualities are sensed, interpreted and understood. This duo exhibition features Singapore based visual artists, Lee Cai Jun and Nafsiah Mohamad, how they conceptualised their arts through materiality of their preferred mediums and present messages to the viewer.


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Title: Sky Island #11

Medium: Mixed Medium

Dimension: H183 x W258 x D23mm

Year: Nov 2014

Description: Jacob’s Ladder, a perennial ancient iconic symbol known as a ladder to Heaven. There are numerous allegorical interpretations of the ladder written across various cultures and religions. The ladder is a symbol seen as a reality object that bridge the gap between Heaven(spiritual fantasy) and Earth(reality).

Title: The World Beyond

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: H50x W40mm

Year: July 2012

Title: Sky Box

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: H110 x W122 x D43mm

Year: Sept 2014

Description: As recorded in many folk tales and myths of a magical box that link to the ‘other’ world – Sky Island.

Title: Enchanted Forest

Medium: Mixed Medium

Dimension: H268x W348 x D8 mm

Year:  Jan 2015

Description: Enchanted forests are often narrated in the oldest folklore and occur throughout the centuries to modern works of fantasy. Forest can features as a place of danger, or one’s refuge, or an adventure.

Title: Quiet Transition

Medium: Mixed Medium

Dimension: H403 x W507 x D3 mm

Year:  Feb 2015

Description: Nature marks their changes so gently through time and seasons; and from morning to night, as from the creation to the grave.

Title: Neurons

Medium: Mixed Medium

Dimension: H268x W348 x D3 mm

Year:  Jan 2015

Description: “Neurons”, the most intriguing communication system in the universe. What has it got to do with art? Neurons allow us to acquire, process and respond to information; it allows us to sense, think, behave and to know about the world. Understanding these neurons is imperative to understanding oneself!

Artworks ©Lee Cai Jun