Exhibitions, Sky Island

Noise Singapore 2015 Festival Exhibition

Once again an honor to partake at the Noise Singapore 2015 Festival.

IMG_8788IMG_8813IMG_8793IMG_8807IMG_8801  IMG_8812

Medium: Pen

Dimension: H297 x W210mm

Year: July 2015

Title: Sky Box

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: H110 x W122 x D43mm

Year: Sept 2014

Description: As recorded in many folk tales and myths of a magical box that link to the ‘other’ world – Sky Island.

Title: Sky Island Gateway

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: H150 x W150mm/ H550 x W380mm (Photo)

Year: July 2012

Description: Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll depicts Alice who once again enters a fantastical world, this time by passing through a mirror into the world that she can see beyond it. The Sky Island Gateway is a re-adaptation of the story which provides entry to the Island.

Artworks & photographs ©Lee Cai Jun