Sky Island

Cloud Ring


Title: Cloud Ring

Medium: White Stoneware

Dimension: L55 x W70 x D45 mm, L45 x W55 x D40 mm (individual)

Year: April 2016


Fairy ring is an iconic subject depicted in many myth and folklore worldwide. This natural occurring phenomenon have a long history recording their magical and supernatural traits. These tales may vary from different cultures but they are always link to the other world realm. They are also known in other names such as elf ring, pixie ring, and this artwork, “Cloud Ring”, will create a portal and teleport our imagination to the Sky Island. #artistleecaijun #skyislandseries

Artwork ©Lee Cai Jun

Sky Island

Sky Island series- Sky Tree

IMG_8753 copy

Title: Sky Tree

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: H35 x W30 x D25mm

Year: August 2015


Referencing from a creation myth, “The Sky Tree”, where the tale depicts the falling of the heavenly Tree from the sky and eventually takes root in the new earth.

Artwork ©Lee Cai Jun