Exhibitions, Sky Island

12th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition 2017

Showcasing one of my work from the Sky Island Series at the 12th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition. From April 6-16, 2017 at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre.

Title: Sky Island #12

Medium: Site Specific Installation, Mixed Medium

Year: June 2016


Sky Island #12 is a space that allows one to escape from the busy and stressful reality. Upon entering the door, one will be drawn into a fantasy world where the time came to a halt and have some personal moment and use the space however they like. The scrolls of Shoji gami (japanese paper used for door) partition the room and the audience will be invited to rest among the white puffy clouds. The installation reacts in accordance with the weather; the scrolls flow in rhythm with the wind and the clouds brighten and dim along with the natural sunlight. There are 2 different styles of space. One is the white space with a sofa facing the windows. Flowing white scrolls and white puffy clouds provide a pure, light-hearted atmosphere. The second is a warm, traditional Japanese space with tatami mats, sliding doors and a covered flowing ceiling. One can lies on the mat and literally float among the clouds.