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Moriyama Kasuri Factory 久留米絣 森山絣工房

Thanks to Kayoko san from the Matsuo Washi Factory, we get to visit to the famed Moriyama Kasuri Factory 久留米絣 森山絣工房 and learn about the Japan traditional Kurume Kasuri (Shibori Textile). This technique has a long history spanning over 200 years and originated by a girl Den Inoue, whose curiosity inspired her to create Kasuri, technique to twine and dye vertical threads and horizontal ones together so as to weave up a design. Kurume Kasuri is now a nationally-designated Important intangible cultural property.

Kasuri requires about 30 procedures, from Pattern designing, Tekukuri (Hand Twining), Aizome (Indigo Dye), to Teori (Hand Weaving). Moriyama Kasuri factory is well known for these and titled as the Kogara no Moriyama (Elaborately Pattern Moriyama).

We met the head of the family Torao Moriyama, the fifth master Tetsuhiro Moriyama and her amazing wife who taught us the Kasuri Workshop.

I documented these enriching experience into videos and showcased together with my art installation at the Studio Kura Residency Exhibition.

Do check out their facebook page here.

The piece that I made during the workshop.
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Matsuo Washi Factory 松尾和紙工場

Went for a day trip together with 2 other artists to the Matsuo Washi Factory 松尾和紙工場 at Yame, Kyushu, Japan. Meet the most bubbly and welcoming owner, Kayoko san, who picked us up from the Hainuzuka train station. Glad that the Japanese that I studied is working well and she speaks a little English too which made the whole trip was so relaxing and enjoyable.

Had a wonderful tour around the factory and had an in-depth understanding on the traditional crafting technique of making the beautiful Washi papers. We spent more than an hour and a half choosing and purchasing the papers, but Kayoko san is always patience and addressing to our requests. It was way passed lunch time when we left the place and thanks to her generous hospitality that we didn’t even realized it.

Kayoko san arranged another tour at her friend place, the Moriyama Kasuri Factory and offered to drive us there and stop along the way for lunch.  She brought us to a local udon shop which is really delicious and the least we could do is to buy her lunch. Really appreciate that she stayed with us during the Indigo dye tour and helped us with the language and lastly send us back to the train station. It was such enriching and fortunate trip to have learn 2 Japanese traditional crafts in a day and also met the most sincere and warmest person ever.

Delicious Udon for lunch

I decided to make a video to document this experience and showcase in addition to the main art work I am installing at the Studio Kura Artist Residency Exhibition. The most rewarding affirmation is the unexpected surprise visit when Kayoko san and her friend turn up at our exhibition and see the video personally. I was on the verge of giving up on the videos due to lack of time for making the main art work and also the slow network, but now I’m glad to have sac my sleep, it is definitely worth it!

Kayoko san watching the video and it happens to play at the part where her husband is making the Washi- Studio Kura Artist Residency Exhibition.

Having brought back all the Washi, I am going to utilise them well and create some art pieces out of these beautiful handmade papers. Check out their shop here.

*the Moriyama Kasuri Factory tour will be on the next post 🙂

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On Fukuoka Now

Got featured on Fukuoka Now

Artist Residencies, Exhibitions

Studio Kura Exhibition 23- 24 Dec 2017

Exhibition is approaching…

Artist Residency Exhibition
Cai Jun Lee (Singapore)
Eswari Krishnadas (Singapore)
Leonardo Hidalgo (Colombia)

23 (sat) – 24 (sun) December 2017
Hours: 11.00- 18.00

Closing party & Artist talk at 15.30 on 24 December 2017.

Free Admission

Postcards were ready a week ago. Super efficient. Thank you Studio Kura!

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Artist Residency at Studio Kura

The new place I’ve been staying since 30 Nov for an artist residency at Studio Kura. Got a nice big room with an adjacent space for working. It’s on the top floor with a view of traditional Japanese house. #artistleecaijun #artresidency #room #roomwithview #topfloor #japanesehouse #studiokura #yuystudiotravel #kyushu #japan  #yuystudiotravel #studio #workspace #mezzanine #studiokura #nijomasue #kyushu #artistatwork


For the main exhibit and studio working space I will be using Studio Kura 1’s mezzanine. I have a thing for higher ground!