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Studio Kura Exhibition 23- 24 Dec 2017

Exhibition is approaching…

Artist Residency Exhibition
Cai Jun Lee (Singapore)
Eswari Krishnadas (Singapore)
Leonardo Hidalgo (Colombia)

23 (sat) – 24 (sun) December 2017
Hours: 11.00- 18.00

Closing party & Artist talk at 15.30 on 24 December 2017.

Free Admission

Postcards were ready a week ago. Super efficient. Thank you Studio Kura!

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Artist Residency at Studio Kura

The new place I’ve been staying since 30 Nov for an artist residency at Studio Kura. Got a nice big room with an adjacent space for working. It’s on the top floor with a view of traditional Japanese house. #artistleecaijun #artresidency #room #roomwithview #topfloor #japanesehouse #studiokura #yuystudiotravel #kyushu #japan  #yuystudiotravel #studio #workspace #mezzanine #studiokura #nijomasue #kyushu #artistatwork


For the main exhibit and studio working space I will be using Studio Kura 1’s mezzanine. I have a thing for higher ground!

Artist Residencies

Shiro Oni Studio Residency 2016 May 16- June 14

A rewarding and inspirational residency that I have attended so far, not just in my own artistic development but the overall experience and the connection with people.

Shiro Oni Studio is situated in an ambience small town, Onishi 鬼石, closely surrounded by nature and heartwarming people. The Group 1 residency started on May 2- June 13, I started 2 weeks later due to my work schedule.

All the international artists are staying under one roof in a 3 stories house with a freshly start out vegetable garden and chicken barn. The town’s major places like supermarket, hardware shop, drug store, post office, bank, convenience shop, city hall and hot spring bath are all easily accessible on bicycle. The big stores are all outside town which is pretty hard to reach without car as the bus schedule is not that frequent, but we have very helpful locals who brought us around.


Photo 27-5-16, 08 54 35 (1)IMG_8255 IMG_8281 IMG_8508 IMG_8676

There are 4 studio spaces, the Kinuya, Kotoriya, Shiro Oni Studio and the latest Juuichiya, as well as, a wood workshop and the kerosene kiln. All of them are all within 5 minutes distance on bicycle and we have the freedom to use them at any time.




Shiro Oni Studio, I was working and exhibiting at the 2nd floor of Shiro Oni Studio.






Kerosene Kiln

Besides the residency, there are many other activities and workshops going on in this town.  During my stay, there was lamp making workshop, sushi making workshop, visit the Hosokawa paper factory, doll making exhibition, tea ceremony, swimming in river, Taiko (drum) practice, Biwa (traditional Japanese music instrument) performance, BBQ and the Karaoke session.


Equestrian Club, Tuesday & Thursday 4pm

Biwa Performance by Kenji Mizoguchi


Flea Market, Sunday, 6am onwards


Taiko Practice

IMG_8083 IMG_8091IMG_8122IMG_9797 IMG_8106

IMG_8690 IMG_8698  IMG_9066 IMG_9082




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Sky Island #12, Shiro Oni Exhibition

A site specific art installation created in an old traditional Japanese building during my 4 weeks of artist residency at Shiro Oni Studio.

Sky Island #12 is a space that allows one to escape from the busy and stressful reality world. Upon passing through the Noren (door curtain), you will be drawn into a world that blurs the boundaries between nature, time and reality.

The scrolls of Shoji gami (japanese paper used for door) partition the interior into a maze-like structure that stimulates the audience senses as they get “lost” in the space.

The installation reacts in accordance with the weather; the scrolls flow in rhythm with the wind and the clouds brighten and dim along with the sunlight.

There are 2 different styles of space. One is the white space with a sofa facing the windows. Flowing white scrolls and white puffy clouds provide a pure, light-hearted atmosphere. The second is a warm, traditional Japanese space with tatami mats, sliding doors and a covered flowing ceiling. One can lies on the mat and literally float among the clouds.

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Newspaper Interview
No. 43468, 12 June 2016, pg 15, Jōmō Shimbun, Gunma, Japan.
Artist Residencies, Projects, Activities & Events

International Ceramic Studio, Hungary.

My 2nd residency is at the International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary. During the residency, I also attended a Master course with Maria Geszler on Printmaking on Ceramic and Glass Surface Workshop. This is more of a research base residency experimenting and developing a new style.

The works that I did during the residency.

(5)Forest Rings copy

Title: Forest Rings

Medium: White stoneware

Dimension:  H350 x W500 x D20mm

Year: May 2009

Description: Incorporating the old folk tale about “fairy ring” into this piece of work and recreating “Forest Ring”, focusing on the connection between forest and mythology

Title: Illustrative Print Series

Medium: White Stoneware

Dimension: H170 x W150 x D15mm

Year: May 2009

Description: Since ancient time, mythological stories have been carved and drawn on walls and caves. This series display the connection between modern humanity and mythologies, rediscover the practice of ancient culture.