2D Space, Forest

Paper Collage

Been experimenting with this unfamiliar material to see how well it works for me.

Neurons copy

Title: Neurons

Medium: Mixed Medium

Dimension: H268x W348 x D3 mm

Year: Jan 2015


Title: Enchanted Forest

Medium: Mixed Medium

Dimension: H268x W348 x D8 mm

Year: Jan 2015

Quiet Transition

Title: Quiet Transition

Medium: Mixed Medium

Dimension: H403 x W507 x D3 mm

Year: Feb 2015

Artworks ©Lee Cai Jun


FOREST, Outdoor Video works.

The winter arrived, the trees are now totally bared, showing how the process of nature have affected them. The empty branches looks inviting, just like a blank canvas waiting to be work on. When the wind blew on them, the leaves synchronize with it’s rhythm. like a ritual ceremony is being carried out. The harmonization with the sunlight, rain and wind, allows the work to look realistic yet dreamy, creating the boundary line between two different dimensions; real and fantasy.


Forest of Nausicaa II copyIMG_2183 copy IMG_2271 copy IMG_2325 copy




2D Space, Forest

“The Last Leaf”

This story, “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry was deeply engraved in my memory since childhood. The Power of The Mind is a creative power that can make changes to our life. #artistleecaijun #forestseries

Title: FOREST Illustration #02

Medium: Pen and Leaf

Dimension: H296 x W27mm

Year: December 2011


Light and Shadow

Experimenting with light and shadow for FOREST project by working with the leaves, weather and natural lighting. These works cross the boundary between physical and non-physical dimension; the interaction between the non-physical light and physical object, the connection of natural processes such as weathering and light and shadow.

IMG_1856 copyIMG_1863 copyIMG_1869 copyIMG_2149 copy

IMG_2152 copy

IMG_2146 copy

IMG_2165 copy

IMG_2326 copy


White Forest Series

Rainforest provides intrinsic aesthetic and spiritual values, and since the earliest history, different generations have incorporated these values into their cultures and practices. These traditions were recorded in the form of myths, legends and folk tales and continue to pass on through generation. The White Forest series explore the mythological beliefs between the human and nature.

Title: White Forest

Medium: White stoneware and Porcelain

Dimension: Variable sizes

Year: December 2009


Like a fairy tale story of a magical white forest, it reflects the pure and untainted dimension hidden among the real physical world.

Title: Forest Rings

Medium: White stoneware

Dimension:  H350 x W500 x D20mm

Year: May 2009

Incorporating the old folk tale about “fairy ring” into this piece of work and recreating “Forest Ring”, focusing on the connection between forest and mythology.

Title: Illustrative Print Series

Medium: White Stoneware

Dimension: H170 x W150 x D 15mm

Year: May 2009

Since ancient time, mythological stories have been carved and drawn on walls and caves. This series display the connection between modern humanity and mythologies, rediscovering the practice of ancient culture.

Title: Forest of the Kodama

Medium: White Raku & Glass

Dimension:  H1300 x W700 x D700mm

Year: August 2008


From the Japanese folklore, Kodama is spirit that lives in trees and has the ability to travel to Heaven, Earth and Hell. The cluster cylinder tubes and windows depict the forest where the Kodama lives. The connecting cylinder trees between each section shows the kodama’s ability to travel to different reign.