Art Works

Way of Life, 2017

Sky Island, 2012 –

Sky Island #12, 2016.

Yì Kè Zài Yì Xiāng, 2012.

Forest, 2011.

Clay. Sound Series, 2011.

White Forest Series, 2008- 2009.

Sea Organic Form Series, 2005-2007.

2D Works.



Noise Singapore Design Team, 2015.

Noise Singapore Bus Stop Ad Panel, 2014.

Sand Sculpture, Palawan Beach Summer Festival, Singapore,2009 & 2010.

International Snow Sculpture Competition, 61st Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan 2010.

Print Making on Clay Surface Workshop, Hungary, 2009.

Internship Project by Singapore Housing Development Board, 2006.



International Artist Residency, Studio Kura, Japan 2017.

International Artist Residency, Shiro Oni Studio, Japan 2016.

Artist Residency, International Ceramic Studio, Hungary 2009.

Artist Residency, International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname, Japan 2007.


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